Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's in my makeup bag?

So I thought I'd write a quick post today. I love seeing what's in other people's purses and makeup bags (is that creepy?), so I decided to share my own. This is newly updated as I just received my July ipsy bag, and most of the stuff in it suited my needs, especially the cute pink transparent makeup bag. It's small but can fit so much stuff! I just love it!

List of things in my makeup bag (from left to right):
- GUM teeth thingy.. They are like toothpick and tiniest toothbrush combined
- COOLA face mineral sunscreen SPF20 (this was in the ipsy bag)
- Travel size Ulta body spray (Fresh Lilac)
- Sephora retractable brush (I use it for powder)
- My makeup bag (from July ipsy bag)
- VICHY Normaderm (this is like a spot treatment for breakouts but also has some coverage so doubles as a concealer)
- Maybelline Fit Me concealer (this stuff is great!)
- Sephora lash curler
- Travel size Lancôme Hypnôse Star mascara
- Travel size Stila waterproof black liquid eyeliner
- Travel size BUXOM retractable black eyeliner
- Prestige waterproof eyeliner in Star (a silver white color)
- POP Pouty Pop Crayon in Fuchsia Flirt (from this month's ipsy bag)
- CVS Oil Absorbing Sheets
- Benefit HOOLA ultra plush lip gloss
- Demeter Salt Air roll on perfume oil
- Fresh Sugar tinted lip treatment SPF15 in coral
- theBalm Sexy Mama anti-shine translucent powder

Voilà! Isn't it amazing I can fit all this stuff into that tiny pouch? That's why I loooooved this month's ipsy bag. Everything's so practical and perfectly suited for the summer. There are some other products in the ipsy bag not included in this post. You can have a look and get your own bag at

So this is the makeup bag I bring with me everywhere for touch-ups or doing my makeup on the go. What are some essentials you carry with you?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sephora Haul!

For my birthday I got a 50$ Sephora gift card, so I decided to go there and get a few items on my day off. Here's a small haul - I REALLY tried hard not to go crazy (which is hard to do at Sephora)...

So I got:
- Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine Eau de Toilette  (Limited Edition)
- Dior Best In Show - Mini Mascara Duo (Primer + Mascara)
Lancôme HYPNÔSE Doll Lashes Mascara-Show
Sephora Nano Eyeliner (in Pearl Beige)
Tarte - Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara (100 points sample)

I'll maybe put up some reviews of certain products in later posts. Make sure to check back later!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

DIY - The Easiest Daily Makeup Brushes Cleaner!

Hey guys,

So the other day, I used up all my e.l.f. Studio Daily Brush Cleaner (I love it by the way, it's a great product for the price. Highly recommended.) and I really needed to clean my brushes. I'm too lazy to wash my brushes everyday, but it's important to make sure you don't re-use dirty brushes because not only is there leftover makeup on your brushes, but also oil, dirt, bacteria, etc. Using dirty brushes can cause breakouts, irritation, rashes, and all the bad things that you don't want for your skin. So since I had about 5 more brushes to clean, I looked around my bathroom and vanity, and came up with my own daily cleaner for makeup brushes! It's super easy and does a great job!

You'll need 2 ingredients:

1. Cleansing water: I used Bioderma (which you can get from Amazon if you are in the US like me. Click on the link!), but Sephora has a good one, or you can use any cleansing water (water-based makeup remover).

2. Rubbing Alcohol: You can find this everywhere. I used the CVS brand 70% Rubbing Alcohol, but you can use higher % ones if you feel like.

My version of this daily brush cleaner:

How to:
So I opened the empty container of the e.l.f brush cleaner (you can use any spray bottle you want), poured about 3/4 full of cleansing water, and fill the container to full with the rubbing alcohol (So basically 3 parts cleansing water, 1 part alcohol). When you use it, make sure to shake it well. Spray it on your brush, swirl it around on a paper towel, and your brushes will look great, smell great (depending on what cleansing water you are using) and super clean! This method is great for daily spot clean or if you need to use the same brush for different products or different colors.

Try this out if you need a quick easy way to clean your makeup brushes!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First Post!

Welcome to this newly opened beauty-related blog! Nothing complicated here: just reviews, swatches, tips, hauls, etc. Whatever you wanna know, you may find it here! I'll try to keep this blog simple, easy-to-navigate, straight-to-the-point, and hopefully useful.

Make sure to check back often for new posts! You never know what you'd find here :P